Sally says 

We just love making candles!

I became really interested several years ago after purchasing Christmas candles, that I hoped would create the perfect seasonal ambiance! Realising that some candles can work so beautifully, I sought to find out why? At that point I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a true professional to learn this craft and I have worked in this industry ever since.

XOX candles was created last November, when life took an unexpected course. However there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and my children and I thought long and hard about what we would do next. We wanted a name that conveyed the love we have for making candles and after many ideas and suggestions, my children decided on the logo XOX. It simply stands for ‘A kiss, a hug and a kiss’ as they explained, this is simply the best way to send a message of love and well being to those that you care for.